Sidaction 2010 hopes to exceed seven million euros

Sidaction, an event which raises awareness and collect funds for the fight against Aids, starts on Friday. This year’s objective is to surpass seven million euros in pledges. The event runs until 28 March, and benefits from big support from television and internet sites.


Last year Sidaction collected 6,450,000 euros, which was used to help finance the prevention and treatment of those infected with Aids or HIV in France and developing countries. It also helped support research.

Television networks and national radio collaborate for the fundraising, and this year the digital television network (TNT) will for the first time dedicate programmes to the call for donations.

Two internet sites, 24 telephone platforms, and more than 4,500 volunteers will help receive donations. But the big innovation is the mobilisation on the internet – sites will be able to solidarity and save pledges from donors online, before referring them to the Sidaction site.

In previous years, French generosity helped enable progress in the fight against HIV and Aids, yet they continue to wreak havoc on peoples' lives.

More than 7,000 people each year discover that they are HIV positive.

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