French press review 4 May 2010

Text by: Matthew Kay
2 min

Two big stories are dominating the French press this morning. One is the first reading and debate in the French Parliament of what has become known here as the "Grenelle II" which is France's second big environmental bill.


Leftist Libération is heavily critical of the Sarkozy government, this morning, saying that his UMP party has abandoned its green promises since it took a thrashing in the regional elections.

The paper's editorial says that the typical UMP member of parliament cannot relate to the interventionism required from a truly 'green' government.

Meanwhile in financial daily Les Echos, the environment minister, Jean-Louis Borloo refutes that the government is reneging on its duties.

"There is no political backpeddling," the minister says. "Don't be fooled, such big advances [in environmental policy] in such little time are bound to ruffle some feathers."

The paper does say however that the production of renewable energy has shot up over the last five years in France as a direct result of government policy.

The other big story making the front pages is still the financial crisis hitting Greece.

Le Figaro has consecrated its second page to the article 'The Greeks want to believe in their renaissance.'

Catholic La Croix says that the Greeks are demanding justice as civil servants and public sector workers are set to take to the streets again.

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