Cars from Marseille hold-up found


Two burnt-out cars that were used in the robbery of an armoured vehicle in Marseille on Monday have been found. The robbers stole 2.1 million euros from the Loomis cash transit van, which was carrying between six and seven million euros.


On Monday morning, a group of ten heavily-armed robbers used stolen vehicles to block the van before blowing open the back and making off with the money.

They escaped in two black Audis. One was discovered in Aix-en-Provence and another near Bouches-du-Rhône. The last time the cars were seen was near Vitrolles soon after the robbery.

A stolen bus was also used in the hold-up. The robbers filled it with tyres, which they set on fire to create a smokescreen at the time of the attack.

As they made their escape, they dropped a sack of money on the ground and four million euros were left in the van.

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