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French press review 16 July 2010

Text by: Matthew Kay
2 min

A colourful variety of stories litter the front pages of the French dailies this morning.


With summer upon us Catholic La Croix is having a look into the effects of outdoor terraces of the bars and cafés in France's towns.

"City councils hunting down night noise," reads the headline.

The problem is, the paper reports, that since the smoking ban in 2007 and the good weather this summer, more and more people want to wine, dine and make noise al fresco.

This habit irks residents who live in popular neighbourhoods.

The Paris city council is looking into solutions. Perhaps they should ban merrymaking.

Leftist Libération is leading with the headline "". The paper says this morning that the government and the President's office is getting out the big communication guns for 2011 and 2012 in the lead up to the next presidential elections.

The President hopes that with this new communication strategy he'll convince potential voters that he's done a spiffing job since his election in 2007.

On the cards is an internet based drive that Libération describes as little more than "marketing the Sarkozy brand".

Cost to the taxpayer? 120 million euros.

Talking about millions of euros and the Elysée Palace, government-friendly Le Figaro reports on the audit of the presidential buget, which in 2009 was 112 million.

Taking a rather congratulatory tone, Le Figaro salutes the President's fiscal responsibility, reminding us all that it was Nicolas Sarkozy himself who wanted more accountability on the Elysée's account sheet.

One area where the Elysée was marked down: the cost of meals on the President's aeroplane. Between 120 and 160 euros. Could do better.

Communist l'Humanité is selling its old horse again this morning. "Little arrangements for big fortunes," reads the headline.

The paper devotes two pages to how the richest get away with murder and the poor are squeezed until the pips squeek.

Nothing new there then.

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