Hilton held for carrying cannabis

Photo: Flickr / Jennifer Su

Paris Hilton was detained by French police on Friday after being caught with cannabis in her hangbag, according to police sources. Hilton was held and released without charge after police discovered less than a gram of weed in her possession following her arrival at Figari airport on the island of Corsica. She flew in on a private jet and was due to travel by yacht to the resort of Porto Cervo in Sardinia.


“Blonde like corn, sunglasses fixed to her nose, surrounded by an entourage worthy of a president, awaited by gleaming limousines,” is how the Corse-Matin newspaper described Hilton’s arrival at the airport before she was caught in possession of herbal highs.

It is the second time this month that the American party girl has had a brush with the law in connection to possession of drugs.

She was briefly detained by South African police during the World Cup when a friend tried to smuggle a joint into the Brazil-Netherlands quarter final match in Port Elizabeth.

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