Gift tokens give away Paris thief

David Monniaux/Wikipedia

Police have arrested a man suspected of carrying out robberies at several shops in Paris after he attempted to use gift tokens stolen in the raids, officers said on Wednesday.


The robberies were all carried out in the same way: a masked and armed man arrived as the shop was closing, demanded the takings, and shut the staff in before fleeing the scene.

At the beginning of July, one of the department stores targeted informed the police that a man had tried to spend stolen gift tokens.

Officers were then able to identify the suspect from CCTV footage. He was already known "very unfavourably" to the authorities, police said.

The man was arrested on 30 August. During a search of his home, officers found clothes matching those worn during the robberies, as well as a list of shops already hit and another of potential targets.

The suspect has since partially admitted the robberies, police said, adding that the investigation is still underway.

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