Marseille floating corpse identified

Sarah Elzas

The body of a man found in the sea near Marseille with his feet tied to an anchor and his face wrapped in duct tape has been identified by his fingerprints. He was a 66-year-old petty criminal from the Paris region, police say but they have not named him.


The body, which had been in the in sea for at least two days before being found on Monday, did not have any traces of violence, according to an autopsy carried out on Tuesday.

The head was covered by a sack and his wrists were tied behind his back. His face was completely covered in duct tape, which may have suffocated him.

The man's feet were tied to an anchor to prevent the body from floating to the surface, but the rope was about 20 metres too long.

A holidaymaker gave the alert on Monday evening, after seeing the floating corpse.

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