French TV show cancelled after host's partner announces presidential run

AFP/Jeff Pachoud

A French television host had her daily talk show suspended Monday after her partner, Arnaud Montebourg, a Socialist MP, announced he would be campaigning to become his party’s presidential candidate. Audrey Pulvar’s show on i-Tele was cancelled after Montebourg made his presidential aspirations public this weekend.


“This decision was made as a result of the declaration of Arnaud Montebourg’s candidacy for the presidency in 2012,” i-Tele said in a statement, adding that the suspension of Pulvar’s show, “Audrey Pulvar Soir”, which often deals with political subjects, will be replaced through the duration of Montebourg’s presidential campaign.

France Inter radio, where Pulvar also hosts a morning show, said it will keep her on, though her interview subjects will no longer be political, according to a spokesperson.

Montebourg officially announced his candidacy on Saturday. He was in charge of renovating the party and organising the primary vote, tasks he has been relieved of now that he is a candidate himself.

The Socialist party primary is expected in October or November, though Jean-Marc Ayrualt, the leader of the Socialist MPs in parliament, has called for it to be held earlier.

The party “cannot wait until the end of 2011 to have a candidate” he said this weekend, adding that this is what left-wing voters expect.

The Socialist party candidate will face President Nicolas Sarkozy, among others, in the general election in 2012.

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