Council forbids pork and wine buffet outside Muslim prayer hall

Kuranosuke Oishi

Authorities in the French city of Nice have forbidden a far-right group to hold a "porchetta and rosé apéritif" outside a Muslim prayer hall. The Nissa Rebela nationalist group says it has already submitted a second request for permission for the event after its first was rejected on Wednesday.


The permit was denied on technical grounds, according to the Alpes-Maritimes regional council.

Under French law, organisers must seek a licence for all public gatherings at least three days before the event takes place. Nissa Rebela applied after this deadline, the council said.

The group's members could face six months in prison and a 7,500-euro fine if they go ahead with the event without permission.

But Nissa Rebela insists that the event is still on. The group is calling its supporters to gather outside a Muslim prayer hall on Nice's rue de la Suisse on Friday evening, where it will be serving pork and wine.

The worshippers at the hall have been conducting evening prayers in the street, since they say the building is too small to house them.

Anti-racism groups and local politicians have strongly condemned Nissa Rebela's plans. The event is deliberately provocative and designed to stir up hatred, said the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi.

Nissa Rebela courted controversy in 2005 with a stunt that saw them hand out pork soup to homeless people, thereby excluding Jews and Muslims.

The group has 15 candidates in local elections this month.

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