US lawyers order closure of Parisian Jim Morrison-themed bar

The Doors frontman Jin Morrison
The Doors frontman Jin Morrison DR

Lawyers for The Doors have threatened legal action against a Parisian bar unless it removes all references to the fabled US rock band. The owner of the Lézard King bar in the capital's 4th arrondissement says the group does not want to be associated with a drinking establishment. 


“I have received a letter from the lawyers of The Doors who are giving me 60 days to change the bar’s posters, its name, the name of its cocktails and the website,” said Christophe Maillet.

The bar’s name is a tribute to the band’s frontman Jim Morrison, who was known as the Lizard King after using the term in a poem. The bar serves drinks named after Doors songs such as "Soft Parade" and "Light My Fire".

Maillet said he thought he was doing a positive thing in promoting the image of the band and said he had not asked permission because he thought it would be refused.

He now says he will comply with the lawyer’s request if they insist.

Jim Morrison died in Paris of a drug overdose in 1971 and is buried in the Pere Lachaise cemetery.

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