Unlucky French bankrobbers net just 50 euros

Wikimedia Commons

A pair of bankrobbers in the southern French city of Nîmes must have been disappointed with the haul from a raid they staged on Wednesday ... they made off with the princely sum of 50 euros.


The thieves lay in wait for an employee to open a branch of the Crédit Agricole bank at 8.15am and pounced.

Both wearing ski-masks and with one brandishing a knife, they forced him to let them in and broke into the tills.

But they were unable to open the safes, so their loot amounted to only 50 euros.

Now police are on their trail and, if caught, they are likely to be jailed, despite the meagre results of their crime.

Their amateurism has won them the scorn of their pursuers.

“Everybody knows the there is less and less money kept in banks,” a source close to the inquiry told the Midi Libre newspaper.

Tightened security mean that most bankrobbers strike at night and prefer to use ramraids to gain access to cash.

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