Alstom in deal to cut CO2 emissions in Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and US


French engineering group, Alstom, has won contracts worth billions of euros to supply equipment to reduce CO2 emissions at power plants in the US, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan. 


In Taiwan, Alstom will proved a seawater system to reduce emissions at an ultra supercritical coal-fired power plant at Linkou.

Environmental regulations in Taiwan are said to be extremely strict by international standards and Asian countries are increasingly turning towards fossil-fired power plants to keep-up with high demand in these fast growing economies.

The group says the system in Saudi Arabia, to be installed at Ras Tanura, will cut sulphur emissions by 95 per cent, nitrous oxide by close to 90 per cent and almost completely eliminate other particle emissions.

In the US, equipment will be supplied for two coal-fired units which will come into operation by 2014.

No details were given of the individual costs of each project.

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