Twenty arrests as Christian fundamentalists attack Paris theatre

About 20 Christian fundamentalists were arrested on Wednesday evening after they interrupted a play they accuse of being “blasphemous” and “obscene”. The group threw stinking balls into the audience, while chanting, “Christianophobia, that’s enough!”

Wikimedia Commons

Police cleared the group out of Paris’s Théâtre de la Ville on Wednesday evening and took them into custody.

The demonstration was the latest incident in a campaign by far-right Catholic groups against Romeo Castellucci’s Sul concetto di volto nel figlio di Dio (On the concept of the face of the son of God), which shows an incontinent father and his son on stage in front of an image of Jesus Christ’s face.

Culture Minister Frédéric Mitterrand has condemned the attacks on the theatre, which started last week after the failure of an attempt to have the play banned.

The demonstrations are organised by the Civitas Institute, which organised an attack on Andres Serrano’s artwork Immersion (Piss Christ) in Avignon in April, according to the ministry of culture.

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