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Sarkozy's party wants change in Nationality laws

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France’s ruling UMP party favours a change in the country’s Nationality laws, so that children born in France to foreign parents, would not automatically obtain French Nationality, but would have to make a written application.


Under the current laws, introduced in 1998, any person born in France of foreign parents, who has lived in France for five years after the age of 11, automatically acquires French nationality at the age of 18.

The UMP would also like the granting of French Nationality to be accompanied by a special ceremony marking the start of life as a French citizen – a ceremony which could be offered to all French 18 year olds.

Another proposal suggests that greater efforts should be made to help foreign-born people learn the French language, in order to foster greater “national unity”.

The UMP hopes its ideas will be included in Nicolas Sarkozy’s election programme as he is almost certain to stand for a second term as President in elections in 2012.



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