French comic book illustrator Moebius dies in Paris


One of France’s best-known cartoonist and comic book creators, Jean Giraud, has died aged-73 in Paris after a long-illness. Giraud, also known under the names Moebius and Gir, was the creator of the hugely popular character Lieutenant Blueberry for a Western series of the same name. 


Giraud was born in the Parisian suburb of Nogent sur Marne in 1938 and spent his childhood drawing cowboys and Indians before training at the prestigious Ecole des Arts Appliqué in Paris.

He first published works were for advertising and fashion before he started contributing to comic books like Fripounet et Marisette.

After returning from the Algerian war, he published a Western serial in Spirou and Pilote magazine which saw the start of the adventures of Lieutenant Blueberry.

During his career his collaborated with several famous comic book creators including American Stan Lee. And celebrated American film director George Lucas used one of Giraud’s designs for the Imperial Probe Droid in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

He adopted the pseudonym Moebius, who was a German mathematician, in the 1960s for a series of illustrations for several science fiction magazines and books.

In 1988, he was chosen among others to illustrate a postage stamp set issued on the theme of communication.

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