Front National to sue Madonna over swastika images of Marine Le Pen

France’s far right party, Front National, will sue Madonna after she failed to heed warnings about a video that shows party leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika superimposed on her forehead.


The queen of pop, known for doing exactly what she wants when she wants, decided to forego warnings after her concert in Tel Aviv on May 31 and went ahead with her performance of “Nobody knows me” during her concert Saturday night in Paris. The song is accompanied with a video that has Madonna’s face morphing into other known personalities such as Hosni Mubarak, the Pope and Marine Le Pen.

The image of Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead lasts for a few seconds and is followed by the features of a man resembling Adolf Hitler. Madonna was told legal action would be taken should she choose to play the same video in France.

“A private plaintiff’s case for insult will be presented next week” Florian Philippot, vice-president of FN, said to news agency Reuters. The images of Le Pen are considered unnecessarily provocative since they attempt to associate her with fascism, added Philippot.

During the first round of French presidential elections held in April this year, the FN leader won 18 percent of votes. She had tried to widen her party’s appeal by cracking down on extremists and vowing to “defend our civilization”.

Madonna is due to play again in France when she performs in Nice on 21 August . She is currently in the middle of another legal battle over her 1990s song “Vogue”.

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