French foreign minister's son targeted by fraud investigation

The son of French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius is the target of an investigation into alleged fraud and money-laundering. The investigation is chiefly related to Thomas Fabius’s purchase of an apartment in Paris for seven million euros in 2012.

French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius's son, Thomas
French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius's son, Thomas AFP/Bertrand Guay

The transaction was reported to the French financial authorities on the grounds that the

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source of money that has passed through Fabius junior’s hands is obscure.

“About the buying of this apartment, we provided every document that showed that the purchase took place under normal circumstances,” Thomas Fabius's lawyer, Cyril Bonan told RFI. “So this judicial inquiry will allow us to put an end to the rumours surrounding this apartment.”

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Thomas Fabius financed part of the purchase with money he had won gambling, Bonan insists.

The 285-square-metre flat is situated on the luxurious Boulevard Saint Germain on Paris’s Left Bank and was sold at a price of over 24,000 euros the square metre, even higher than the average in an already-expensive neighbourhood.

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