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Massive traffic jams in France on the 'crossover' day for vacationers

Traffic jams during the August rush of vacation
Traffic jams during the August rush of vacation Getty Images/Martial Colomb
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Today is classified as a red day in the south-east of France, as it is the crossover day for thos returning or just about to leave for the much anticipated summer vacation.  


Nearly 777 kilometres of traffic jams were already registered by one o’clock in the afternoon, according to the National Centre of Road Information (Centre national d’informations routières).

With numerous delays expected today, certain measures were put in place on certain areas, such as bringing the speed limit down to 110 km/h versus the usual 130.

The massive jam stems from an accident last night when a bus carrying about 50 German youth.

The bus was on its way to Spain when it hit the back of a heavy truck, killing two and injuring five people.

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