Man found dead in French hospital toilet after ten days

Dieppe Hospital
Dieppe Hospital Google Street View

An elderly patient was found dead on Thursday in the toilets of a Dieppe hospital, ten days after his disappearance.


The man, who was seriously ill, went missing on 16 September in the Hopital de Dieppe.

His body was discovered just before 5pm in the toilets reserved for the disabled.

The door was locked from the inside, and the body had begun to decompose.

The man was “at the end of his life,” according to Dieppe public prosecutor Valérie Cadignan. “He knew he did not have much longer and no doubt, just let himself die.”

The prosecutor ordered an investigation to try to understand how he disappeared and what efforts were made to find him.

The regional health authority has also begun an inquiry.

The man was in his seventies and had a serious medical condition, which necessitated medical equipment.

Medical staff searched inside and outside the building to try to find the patient, aided by police using sniffer dogs.






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