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Homeless man murders 90-year-old, tries to eat heart and tongue

Nouilhan, Hautes-Pyrénées
Nouilhan, Hautes-Pyrénées Google Street View
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A homeless man killed a man and cut out his heart and tongue in order to eat them, according to his own statement to police after his arrest in south-west France on Thursday night. The 26-year-old went on to attack a man driving a tractor and break into a house and steal a gun.


The man, who had been wandering the streets of Nouilhan in the shadow of the Pyrenees mountains for two or three days without sleep, told police that voices in his head told him

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to steal a tool from a barn, murder his 90-year-old victim, cut out his heart and tongue and set fire to the body and then the house.

Police were alerted by victim's sons who live nearby and saw the flames.

They found a burnt corpse with a gash in the side and a piece of cooked meat on a plate along with some beans - a local speciality - taken from the refigerator.

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It was "not a pretty sight", a source told the AFP news agency.

The man had gone on to attack another man, who was seated on a tractor, breaking his shoulder, breaking into another house and stealing a hunting rifle before being frightened off by dogs barking and the arrival of the owner.

An autopsy will establish whether the perpetrator's account is accurate.

He is to undergo psychiatric examination.

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