Sarkozy’s political comeback on the cards for France

Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes

The majority of French voters are against former President Nicolas Sarkozy making a political come back. Despite this, his return to political life seems likely. 


According to a poll published on Saturday by the newspaper Le Parisien, sixty five percent of French voters are against Sarkozy returning to politics.

The poll also showed that seventy percent of the people think that the former president will make a comeback, regardless of public opinion.

Thomas Guénolé, a political scientist told RFI that despite the scandals surrounding the former head of state, Sarkozy will return to politics.

“Since right wing voters actually agree with Sarkozy on the fact that all the charges are a judicial conspiracy against him, I think it will really be easy for him to again become the president of the UMP. …So now the only question is whether there will be direct proof that he had done something illegal and will there be an actual conviction at the end of the trial.”

Guénolé went on to say that although the majority of voters don’t want him to return to politics, this won’t deter him.

“30 Percent of the voters want him to come back. This is the usual score at the first round of a presidential election…So what really matters is that there are already enough voters prepared to vote for him at the first round of the presidential elections.” 

According to a poll published by Journal du Dimanche, UMP candidates François Fillon and Alain Juppé are more popular choices than Sarkozy to lead the party.



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