French wine harvest picks up in 2014

Wine grapes.
Wine grapes. REUTERS/Lisa Baertlein

French wine growers – and its connoisseurs – can raise a glass for the 2014 harvest. After two disappointing years, France’s public agricultural authority said on Friday that this year’s harvest is expected to produce six billion bottles of wine, bringing production levels back up to the norm.


"After two years of excessively low harvests, we're getting somewhat back to normal ... we see good prospects at the start of this harvest," said Jerome Despey, head of FranceAgriMer's wine division to AFP.

The French grape harvest is expected to yield out some 45.4 million hectolitres (6.051 bottles), with the most wine coming from the Champagne region.

The central-southern region of Langudoc-Roussilon is expected to churn out less wine after being battered by hail and a spring drought.

Nevertheless, French wine growers have something to cheers to today after the new figures signal a major bump up from record-low harvests in 2012 and 2013.

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