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Photos could provide clues in investigation into RFI journalist killings in Mali

RFI journalists Ghislaine Dupont, Claude Verlon
RFI journalists Ghislaine Dupont, Claude Verlon Reuters/Radio France International
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New elements have emerged in the investigation into the killing of two RFI journalists in November 2013.


Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon were killed near Kidal in northern Mali on 2 November.

Three investigating magistrates from the Paris anti-terrorist unit have discovered a series of photographs which could provide important information about the case.

“We found photos taken by Claude Verlon, oddly three days before he was killed. The photos are of the pick-up truck used by the killers. He was able to photograph the pick up, we have several photos of the pick up and we also have pictures of people around it. One of them seems to be connected to the truck because he has his hand stretched across the window in the picture,” said the lawyer for the plaintiffs, Christophe Deltombe.

The investigators also have the digital records of the fingerprints found at the scene of the crime. They also know the identitiy of the owner of the pick up truck used by the killers.

It is hoped that an analysis of the two journalists’ phones will yield further information.

Many questions remain unanswered. It is unclear how some people knew the journalists were dead twenty minutes before the body was discovered by soldiers. It is also puzzling that a helicopter was present at the site.

Christophe Delombe says that “apparently the army is not against us interrogating some soldiers,” but notes that different secret service agencies have been probing the incident and might not wish to disclose all the information they have. He suggested that he might apply to waive the official secrets act for precise elements of the inquiry.

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