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Eleven members of French family may have left for Syria Jihad

An Islamic State fighter sits at a checkpoint near Kobani, 7 October 2014.
An Islamic State fighter sits at a checkpoint near Kobani, 7 October 2014. Reuters/Stringer

A French family of 11 is believed to have left for Syria as the entire family has disappeared from the southern city of Nice where they lived. 


The 11 include a man, his two sisters and mother along with their spouses and children.

"All is well. I am in a superb region" Andrea the 27-year old wife of the man said to her parents on internet,  reports Nice-Matin newspaper.

According to a judicial source on Wednesday, they are believed to have left for Syria with others who are suspected of planning to fight alongside jihadists. 

"I saw how religion played a bigger and bigger part in her life" said Andrea's father.

He also told Nice-Matin that she converted to Islam before leaving for Syria with her two sons aged four and six. 

Meanwhile the muslim father of Andrea's husband also confirmed that his entire family disappeared at the end of September.

He said his wife, twin daughters and four grandchildren have gone.

"We have been married since 1983" he said to Nice-Matin, "I knew religion held an important place for them but only up to a point. My whole family has disappeared and I'm scared."

The Paris prosecutor has opened an investigation into the disappearance of the family.

More than 70 similar investigations have been launched in 2014 and a new counter-terrorism law was passed on August to ban the departure of suspects leaving to join a Jihad in Syria. 

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