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French police officer jailed for 10 years for raping drunk prisoner

Police on patrol in Paris
Police on patrol in Paris Getty Images/Jean-Marc Romain

A French court has jailed a former police officer for 10 years after finding him guilty of raping a woman detained for being drunk and disorderly. He claimed there had been a “sexual misunderstanding”.


The 40-year-old police officer, who has been dismissed from the force, admitted having sex – both oral and vaginal - without a condom with the 44-year-old woman in May 2012 after she was put in the drunk tank of his police station in Mantes-le-Jolie, near Paris.

She had been detained after her husband called the police because she was drunk and creating a disturbance in the block of flats where they lived.

Described as a keen crossword-doer and admirer of big bosoms, the police officer claimed that she had led him on and that he had believed that it was consensual.

But the woman, a Spanish citizen of Moroccan origin described as “depressive”, insisted that she was raped and the court agreed.

The accused was given a 10-year sentence, as demanded by the prosecutor, although, as a person abusing his authority, he could have been jailed for 20 years.

The woman and her husband are planning to go and live in the Canary Islands, saying that they feel “betrayed” by France and are ashamed when they meet their neighbours after the incident.

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