Mystery drones seen circling French power plants

Nuclear power plant in Tricastin, in southern France.
Nuclear power plant in Tricastin, in southern France. AFP

Drones were detected circling five nuclear power plants located across France on Friday night.


Nuclear power plants have been mysteriously surveilled across France, according to French national energy company EDF.

After filing a complaint with the French police, EDF said on Wednesday that it had identified seven drones flying over its plants during the month of October.

This came before an additional five drones were spotted on Friday night.

The drone flights brought about questions of security, though the interior ministry said there is no reason to be concerned, and that each plant is designed to withstand an "airliner crashing into it."

Flying within a five kilometre radius of a nuclear power plant is against French law, and holds a punishment of up to one year in prison and a 75,000 euro fine.

The power plants are located in both northern and south-western France.

Much of France’s power comes from nuclear energy, produced by the country's 58 reactors.

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