Roma baby buried in south of Paris after racism row

Champlan city hall.
Champlan city hall. Wikipédia/Cyrilb1881

The Roma baby - at the center of a racism row over the weekend - was finally  buried on Monday in South of Paris after the local town refused a burial plot to the family.


The tiny coffin was buried in a cemetery in Wissous - south of Paris -  after a religious ceremony attended by a hundred people.

The tragic death of the two and a half month old baby hit the headlines over the weekend after its local town of Champlan has refused to give his family a burial plot because Roma are not taxpayers.

With the Prime minister Manuel Valls describing the refusal as an "insult" to France, the mayor of Wissous - a few kilometres away - offered to host the burial.

The child's parents are Romanians who have lived in France for eight years and have two boys aged five and nine.

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