French press review 6 January 2015

Today most French dailies have chosen to criticize Hollande's long interview on the radio France Inter. But there is still some room left for a story about several French tech startups showcasing their innovations at the Consumer Electronic Show in Los Angeles.


Libération is talking about French tech companies being awarded at the Consumer Electronic Show in Los Angeles.

If you've been following French news recently you might have been under the impression that there are only bad news when it comes to the economy.

But that's not true says Libé.

The daily points out the fact that there are 66 startups representing France at the Consumer Electronic Show of Los Angeles. They are all members of what the French government calls "La French Tech". France is the second country represented at the CES with regards to the number of startups.

The left-leaning newspaper explains that France is really good when it comes to connected electronic devices. And five of them will even be awarded at the CES 2015 innovation awards.

There are two of them that I found interesting:

Citizen Sciences, a company that created tee-shirts for people suffering from epilepsy that can track their heart beat and connect to a computer. There is also Giroptic, a camera that allows you to take 360 degrees pictures. Who said the French had no imagination?

President François Hollande talked a lot about the environment during his interview to France Inter yesterday. He even said that France is leading the way when it comes to the environment. You're probably wondering if that's true and Le Monde asked itself the same question.

It isn't really true according to the daily. While the country has reduced its carbon dioxide emission by 12 percent since 1990, it still "has a lot to do when it comes to renewable energies”.

Right now 13 percent of the energy produced in France comes from renewable sources but that's 10 percent under France's objective for 2020. The country is really far behind Germany and Sweden explains Le Monde.

The country's water and its biodiversity are also in pretty bad shape according to the newspaper. Hollande and France are really not that green. The perfect example of that is probably the fact that the ecology ministry's budget went down by five percent in just a year says Le Monde.

Talking about President Hollande, communist daily L'Humanité is not convinced by his interview to France Inter yesterday.

That's not really a surprise but for L'Huma the interview just proves that François Hollande's policy isn't really a leftist one. "Hollande confirms its conversion to austerity" reads the daily's headline.

For the communist daily, the two-hour long interview is just a PR stunt. Eric Coquerel a member of the far-left coalition party Front de Gauche sums up the newspaper opinion: "In just five minutes, everything was already said. Even though he said he was responsible for the rise of unemployment he promised not to change anything".

Le Figaro didn't like Hollande's interview either.

In its editorial the right-leaning newspaper says there is a big gap between Hollande's words and his actions. The newspaper asked various politicians what they thought about the interview and it seems that no one is happy.

Even the head of the socialist party Jean-Christophe Cambadélis didn't directly comment on the intervention. He regrets that the green and the socialists can't work together.

For Le Figaro the French President is trying to marry his liberal policies with the socialist party. "Hollande is just painting reality in pink", says the paper.

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