Night time burials for Charlie Hebdo killers as security tightens in France

A French soldier patrols the Part-Dieu shopping mall as part of the "Vigipirate" security plan
A French soldier patrols the Part-Dieu shopping mall as part of the "Vigipirate" security plan REUTERS/Robert Pratta

Paris investigators are keeping nine people in detention for possible "logistical support" to the perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, while the government looks to new ways to address terrorism at home.


In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo killings, the French government is looking for ways to tighten security and answer questions.

French investigators have extended the detention of nine out of twelve people suspected of providing aid to Paris gunmen.

This weekend, the burial of the second of the two Kouachi brothers was kept secret and nocturnal. Both brothers have been placed in unmarked graves to keep the location from becoming a “pilgrimage site” for Islamists.

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The location for the burial of the third gunman, Amédy Coulibaly, has not yet been decided.

The country has heightened security, with the Defense Minister announcing last week a total presence of 10,500 military personnel in “sensitive” locations.

Several members of the government have proposed measures to combat terrorism; Prime Minister Manuel Valls has promised to create for the first time in France files on those persons known to have committed terrorist acts.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve proposed reinforcement of internal security, specifically to survey the internet and social media.

One particular proposal has been rejected by Cazeneuve, which is to outlaw the re-entry of French jihadists into France; this is seen to be contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights.

The ministry of education is also set to announce a "school mobilisation of Republican values" this coming week, after a number of students refused to take part in the national minute of silence for the victims of the attacks.

They are not the only country to crack down on security – neighbouring Belgium has put troops on the streets after a suspected Islamist “terrorist” cell was raided earlier in the week.

Greek police also arrested four people suspected of jihadist links.

Reportedly, Britain will equip its normally unarmed police force with tasers; the country will host a meeting of the coalition against the Islamic State group on Thursday.

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