Murdered Muslim soldier's mother gets post-Charlie Hebdo threats

Défense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian with Latifa Ibn Ziaten, Toulouse, 11 March 2013
Défense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian with Latifa Ibn Ziaten, Toulouse, 11 March 2013 AFP/Eric Cabanis

The mother of a French Muslim soldier who was killed by a jihadist in 2012 has received threatening comments apparently because of her campaign to promote tolerance among people.


Since her son was killed by Mohamed Merah, who also gunned down 4 people at a Jewish school, Latifa Ibn Ziaten has travelled around France addressing young people in schools.

A 19 year old woman was remanded in custody on Monday after comments on Latifa Ibn Ziaten’s Facebook page were traced to her computer.

The woman was later released after it emerged that her computer had been hacked and that she was not responsible for the comments. Police are now trying to track down the true authors.

The comments expressed approval over the recent terrorist attacks, and because they were posted on her private facebook page, they are being treated as threats.

In other incidents, two soldiers guarding a Jewish school on the outskirts of Paris were threatened by a man brandishing a gun on Saturday night.

In Ajaccio in Corsica, a French flag flying above a nursery school, (as is the custom outside all state-run French schools) was burned and replaced by a Moroccan flag. The new flag and the remnants of the old one were discovered when pupils arrived on Monday morning.

Meanwhile, a body which monitors Islamophobia in France has noted 116 acts, threats or hate graffiti targeted at Muslims since the recent terrorist attacks, a 110% increase compared to January 2014.

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