Thousands participate in march against racism

Thousands of people attended the ‘march of dignity’ rally that was held in Paris on Saturday to protest against racism, police heavy-handedness and injustice.


Called the ‘March of Dignity’, the demonstration began at Barbes Rouchechaurt and culminated at Bastille square.

One of the features of the march was the large participation of women who were at the front.

The march set off with a group of women at their head under the banner "march for dignity against racism."

Participants, who had come from around the country, called for ‘justice, reparation and unity’.

32-year-old Lisa said she was participating in the march as she wanted peace all over the world.

The rally was called by women's collective Mafed which is backed by US civil rights campaigner Angela Davis.

Different groups participated in the march, each one airing their grievances and demands.

One such group which demanded Palestinian rights was led by 24-year-old Mahmoud Tarair who had come from Palestine.

He said that he had participated in the march to protest against racism and humiliation anywhere in the world.

The demonstration was held 10 years after the deaths of two youths had sparked a series of riots in the suburbs of Paris and other French cities.

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