Man shot dead attacking Paris police station

Police shot dead a man trying to force his way into a police station in northern Paris on Thursday, the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. The attacker was armed with a knife or cleaver and a fake suicide vest, according to the interior ministry.

Police at the scene of the attack on the police station in Paris
Police at the scene of the attack on the police station in Paris Reuters/Charles Platiau

At almost the same time that French President François Hollande paid tribute to

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members of the security forces killed in last year's attacks, the man apparently tried to attack the police station in a largely immigrant area of the French capital. 

He is reported to have shouted "Allahu Akbar!" as he assaulted two police officers.

He was at first reported to have been carrying a knife but later reports said the weapon was a cleaver.

"Two or three" shots were fired, according to witnesses, and the man was killed.

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Civilians were ordered to leave the street and children in a nearby nursery school prevented from leaving.

Officials said that he was wearing what appeared to be a suicide vest but later declared that it was a fake.

Police were trying to establish whether he had any accomplices after the attack but officials said he appeared to have been acting alone.

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