IS training camp destroyed in Syria, France claims, slams Assad after peace talks stop

An air strike by Assad's forces on rebel forces in Anadan in  Aleppo province, 3 February
An air strike by Assad's forces on rebel forces in Anadan in Aleppo province, 3 February REUTERS/Abdalrhman Ismail

France has announced that its fighter jets took part in an air raid that destroyed a training camp of the Islamic State (IS) armed group in Syria. As donors gathered in London, French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius accused Bashar al-Assad's regime of scuppering the peace process, a charge echoed by US Secretary of State John Kerry.


About 20 French and US-led coalition planes bombed a site that housed an IS training camp and weapons stocks on Monday, the French Interior Ministry announced Thursday.

The site was destroyed, the statement said but it made no mention of deaths or other casualties.

On Wednesday a meeting of about 20 countries vowed to step up military action against IS.

The US says it has carried out nearly 10,000 air raids in Iraq and Syria.

Fabius on Thursday accused Assad's government and his Russian allies of "torpedoing the peace efforts" by launching an offensive against the country's second city, Aleppo, and said that countries attending the donors' conference would hold "in-depth consultations" on the question.

Peace negotiations in Geneva were suspended on Wednesday with an opposition umbrella group declaring that it would not return until the regime agreed to end bombardment and allow aid into besieged cities.

The Syrian government announced that it had cut a key supply route to Aleppo with the help of Russian air strikes.

In London for the donors' conference, Kerry said he had asked Moscow to stop bombing opposition forces.

"Russia has a responsibility, as do all parties, to live up to it," he said. "So I had a conversation this morning with Foreign Minister [Sergei] Lavrov. We discussed, and we agreed, that we need to discuss how to implement the ceasefire."

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