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Amazon brings super-fast delivery service to Paris

Amazon depot in France
Amazon depot in France AFP

Following the introduction of a super-fast delivery service in the US, Britain and Italy, the global e-commerce giant Amazon is introducing a similar service in France tomorrow.


The new service, baptized Prime Now, promises to deliver orders to people in Paris and its surrounds within an hour.

Reserved for “priority” clients, or those who have subscribed to Amazon’s premium service, it was introduced first in New York in 2014 and is now available in 44 cities globally.

To begin with, the French service will be available on 18,000 items covering culture, toys, electronics as well as 4000 food products including 85 types of fruit and vegetables.

Amazon stressed that this is not the “Amazon Fresh” service that already exists in Britain and the US and which delivers fresh produce to people’s doorsteps.

The new Prime Now deliveries will be arrived out by vans and scooters, or even by foot where necessary and will cost €5.90 per delivery after an annual subscription of €49.Those that accept a delivery in two hours after being ordered will not be charged for delivery.

Initially, the service will be restricted to the Paris region, but the company is hoping to expand it into other towns as the service takes off.

At the moment, Amazon France can only guarantee same-day delivery of products that are ordered before 14:00.



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