Paris suspends breast milk deliveries after two babies' deaths

Supplies of breast milk for premature babies from Paris's central milk bank have been suspended following the deaths of two babies. Tests are under way to establish the origin of the bacteria that caused the deaths.

Necker Hospital in Paris
Necker Hospital in Paris Wikipedia

Supplies of breast milk from Paris's Necker hospital, which houses the region's milk bank, were suspended "as a precautionary measure" on Saturday, following the infection of three babies with the Bacillus Cereus bacteria, which is common but can be dangerous for some premature children.

Two of the babies have died but the third has recovered.

"It is not possible to confirm that the milk was the source of the contaminations but it is not possible to rule out the possibility either," the Paris hospitals' managing body said.

Tests so far have proved negative but were continuing on Saturday as the ban was declared.

The milk bank supplies 700 litres per month to mothers of premature babies weighing less that 1.5 kilos, who have no milk themselves, because of breast milk's nutritional and biological properties.

Tests were also under way to establish if the bacteria detected were identical and it the have a common source.

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