French couple sentenced for selling IS flags online

Members of IS in front of their flag
Members of IS in front of their flag

A French couple have been given suspended sentences for selling flags of the Islamic State (IS) armed group online. They were caught after neighbours saw them boasting about their business in a TV documentary.


Officials on Thursday confirmed reports that the couple had been found guilty of justifying terrorism and sentenced on Tuesday.

The 33-year-old man was given a one-year suspended sentence and his wife six months suspended.

When they were arrested at their home in November 2014, police confiscated books, DVDs and flags as evidence.

The couple admitted selling black flags but claimed they were not related to IS but were connected to the Muslim faith.

But they had been filmed by a hidden camera saying how well their sale of IS flags online was doing.

When TV company M6 showed the footage in a documentary on jihadi recruitment local people recognised their district and some of their neighbours and tipped off police.

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