Police question French presidential candidate Fillon and wife

François and Penelope Fillon
François and Penelope Fillon Reuters/Pascal Rossignol

French presidential candidate François Fillon and his British wife, Penelope, were questioned by anti-corruption police on Monday afternoon, following allegations that Penelope Fillon held two fake jobs, one as her husband's parliamentary assitant, the other with a magazine.


The couple were questioned separately as part of an investigation into charges of embezzlement of public funds, misappropriation of corporate assets and receiving stolen goods.

Allegations by the Canard enchaîné weekly that Penelope Fillon received some 500,000 euros from the public purse, while telling media that she was just a housewife, and a further 5,000 euros a month from the Revue des deux mondes without appearing to make any substantial contribution to the publication have seriously damaged her husband's presidential campaign.

Fillon won the mainstream right's presidential nomination in a primary last month, partly on the basis of his Mister Clean image.

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