Air France strike causes few flight cancellations

Air France planes at Paris's Charles De Gaulle airport
Air France planes at Paris's Charles De Gaulle airport Reuters/Christian Hartmann

Few Air France flights were cancelled on Sunday, despite a strike by cabin crews, the airline announced. It predicted less disruption on Monday, the third and last day of the industrial action.


More than 90 percent of flights were able to take off on Sunday, Air France announced, despite 38 percent of cabin crew personnel joining the strike.

All long-haul flights were maintained, according to the company, 90 percent of medium-haul flights and 85 percent of domestic ones, the company said.

A similar percentage of strikers led to 20 percent of flights being cancelled last summer.

The airline expects to maintain 90 percent of flights on Monday, including all long-haul flights and 92 percent of medium-haul ones, but warns that there could be last-minute cancellations and unforeseen delays.

The strike, backed by five trade unions, is against a proposed new contract affecting working conditions, pay and promotion and the company's plan to launch a subsidiary called Boost.

There was substantial disruption to air traffic at Paris's Orly airport on Saturday, not because of the strike but because of an attack on soldiers, which has led police to launch an anti-terror inquiry.

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