French weekly magazines review 18 June 2017


President Emmanuel Macron in the limelight as commentators count his political fortunes and prospects of revamping the country's labour sector, after Sunday's parliamentary elections.


The left-leaning New Observer l’Obs is all about Emmanuel Macron and how he will reform the labour sector.

Right-wing Le Point,  says Macron will have no excuses, if he is handed the majority he needs to implement reform and a free hand to govern.

The magazine claims that Macron will benefit from an unprecedented facelift for the economy after the creation of more than 89,000 jobs in the third quarter and 264,000 overall over the past year.

Left-leaning Marianne focuses its attention on what it calls a "democratic emergency" that needs to be dealt with – the imperative for the government to open the debate on proportionate representation in parliament.

The magazine argues that such a reform would ensure that opposition parties are not reduced to silence in the National Assembly, with street protests and possibly violence as their sole option if they want to be heard.

Marianne also points to an irony of sorts, the fact that proportionate representation may be a miraculous positive consequence of the “political earthquake” that has occurred in France.

The French New Observer l'Obs comments about another earthquake that took place in Britain --Prime Minister Theresa May’s lost gamble to consolidate her majority in Parliament ahead of crunch Brexit talks with the European Union.

According to l'Obs, even though the Labour party leader didn’t win the June 8 parliamentary elections, he nonetheless, proved to the Brits that he had the character and popularity to become the country’s next premier.

Marianne praises Corbyn for his ability to rally young voters, as opposed to May whose Conservative electorate was disillusioned by the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London and her so-called "disastrous policies and pale oratory".

L’Obs also takes up the alleged "storm gathering over US President Donald Trump". The magazine says he’s been a "dead man walking", since ex-FBI director James Comey accused him of lying, in his testimony, to the Senate intelligence committee.

Comey's was summoned before the House as part of ongoing investigations into suspected Russian connections in Donald Trump's Presidential campaign.

Marianne said that even if Trump’s boasting is a cause for concern and a subject of ridicule, his policies of disengagement especially from the Climate Accords signed in Paris, could be a blessing in disguise for Europe and the world.

According to the weekly, America’s" defection" from the Cop 21 treaty would give "greater ambition" to other countries to save the planet from asphyxiation.

This week’s l’Express, investigates a new amazing phenomenon sweeping across France, the millions of Frenchmen dreaming of starting their professional lives afresh.
The right-wing magazine says from it is able to confirm that no category of bread winners is left out of the trending mind set.

L’Express presents one successful banker who has swapped his suits for a barristers robes. The publication also speaks to a lawyer who shut down her chambers to become a very successful comedian.

The exciting profiles of the workers looking for new lives include a senior manager at the automaker Peugeot who resigned to become a sculptor. L'Express also found an amazing company CEO, who abandoned his lucrative business to fulfil his life-time dream of becoming a Chef.






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