French press review 13 July 2017

French commentators in a frenzy as Donald Trump arrives in Paris as President Macron's Bastille Day guest. 


The controversial American President is due to arrive Paris today at the start of a lightening  visit to mark 100 years of America's entry into World War One on the France side.

Le Parisien welcomes the return to France of the "Big Red One" as the American regiment was called at the time.

A contingent of US Red berets will be the center of attraction at the Bastille Day parade. The Parisian paper reads that despite the excitement around Trump's presence on France's National day, his trip is packed with tensions.

According to the publication, newly released emails back at home show that his eldest son Donald Trump Junior held a meeting with a Russian lawyer which is set to fuel the row about whether the Kremlin helped him win the White House last November.

Today's Les Echos consecrates its editorial on new French leader Emmanuel Macron and how he fits in his new Presidential shoes. According to the paper  two months after entering the Elysée Palace, it will be hard to prove that he has strayed from the high standards he set for his high office.

The economic daily says that Macron is meticulous in what he says each time and especially on issues relating to France's sovereignty making sure that the integrity of his office is upheld in whatever he does.

From the publication's point of view, it will  like this that the Macrons will take his American guests first to a guided tour of Les Invalides before the two couples have  dinner at the Eiffel Tower's Jules Verne.

According to Les Echos, the President's diplomatic ambitions are evident in the new style of little talk and more action he has brought to the French Presidency.

In contrast to the heavy security Trump's presence imposes of this year's Bastille Day in Paris, Le Monde rubbishes measures in the French Riviera city of Nice.

Some 30,000 people are to attend a memorial there for the 84 people killed and 458 others injured by a terrorist who deliberately drove a truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais.

According to the Le Monde, security plans put in place are largely inadequate under the current national context of the terrorist threat placed at a maximum high alert.

The paper adds that the measure in place in Nice fall short of the draconian operation mounted by the authorities during the Euro football tournament in Nice which was one of the hosts of the competition.

According to the newspaper, with an estimated 750,000 African economic refugees who came knocking on Europe's doors last year, the thrust should be on oral solutions but on concrete action.

It is not by trying to please everyone, says the publication, that the government will overcome the humanitarian disaster facing France and Europe.

Le Figaro holds that even American billionaire Bill Gates, a leading player in the fight against poverty is urging Europe to change its strategy. According to the paper Gates recently confided to German media that "the more you are generous the more you motivate other people to   leave Africa.



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