Spotlight on France

Podcast: Opioid addiction, French youth for climate, press freedom under threat

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Spotlight on France episode 9
Spotlight on France episode 9 RFI

French health officials are concerned about the increase of the use and abuse of opioid painkillers. Unlike in the US, it's not a crisis - yet. Also, a student of environmental science talks about his conversion to climate activism, and how young French people are embracing the global Youth for Climate movement. Plus, the political implications in France of the European Parliament elections. And investigations into French journalists: nine questionned in two weeks.In this episode:Lois Mallard, president, French student sustainable development networkJasmine Bouarti, member of an endometriosis support groupDelphine Lhuillery, pain management specialist in Paris  Subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcasts (link here).For more stories about France and beyond, visit