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Podcast: music as medicine in French hospitals, mental load in pictures, Rimbaud mania

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Spotlight on France episode 22
Spotlight on France episode 22 RFI

How do you get your point across when no one listens to you? Draw it. From Asterix, to Tintin to Agrippine, comics and graphic novels are an integral part of French culture. We meet Emma: an illustrator whose knack for explaining complex social issues like 'mental load' has earned her a big following.Also, how French hospitals are increasingly turning to music therapy to reduce the use of anti-anxiety and pain medication. France is the world's biggest consumer of psychotropic drugs but a seemingly simple app and a pair of headphones could change that. And, Arthur Rimbaud died 128 years ago, on 10 November 2019. But the "cursed", homosexual poet still receives dozens of letters a day.In this episode:- Emma Clit, illustrator, author of The mental load- Stéphane Guetin, founder, Music Care Mixed by Nicolas DoreauSubscribe to the Spotlight on France podcast on iTunes (link here) or Google podcasts (link here).For more stories about France and beyond, visit