Thousands protest against assisted pregnancy for single women, LGBT couples

Commission on French bioethics law on August 29, 2019.
Commission on French bioethics law on August 29, 2019. CC Assemblée Nationale

Thousands of people opposed to France’s plans to reform the law on assisted reproductive technology took to the streets of Paris on Sunday, two days before a major bioethics bill is put before the Senate.


French law currently only allows women in heterosexual relationships to access medically assisted procreation (MAP).

The French government now plans to extend MAP to single women and lesbian couples.

“Many of us have come from all over France to raise the alarm: the child, the father and the mother are in danger,” said the president of Manif pour tous, the main organisation behind anti-gay marriage protests in 2013, Ludovine de la Rochère.

Many families were among the protesters.

“We’re here for every child,” said a male protester pushing a pram. “They have the right to have one father and one mother. Many people today are protesting in order to protect society. The family is part of that society. The family is the foundation of it.”

Those against the reform say that it amounts to commodifying the human body. One female protester described the reform as “decadent”.

“I think that assisted reproductive technology should be reserved only for married couples, not for single women,” she said. “There’s adoption. There are other solutions than making a child just for fun.

Protesters have already announced further demonstrations set for Tuesday and Wednesday outside the Senate as French lawmakers scrutinise the bill for the final time.

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