Paris Live, Monday 9 March, 2020

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A march against violence, in the streets of Mexico, 26 January, 2020.
A march against violence, in the streets of Mexico, 26 January, 2020. REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini

Today's Paris Live starts with a focus on Mexico where thousands of women turned out for a protest to mark International Women's Day on Sunday, ahead of a general strike on Monday. We hear from women and girls who are fed up and angry over police inaction with regards to femicides and a rising tide of violence across society.


We also take a look at how the coronavirus is affecting the organisation of the local elections in France, due to take place on the next two Sundays. From proxy voting, to catering for throwaway pens and hand sanitizers, or reducing the size of political rallies, the authorities have held off cancelling the polls outright, saying it would compromise democratic process.

A look at the press reveals that France has moved up to third place in the international arms sales ranking, behind the United States and Russia. The details were part of a report published by the independent Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

On a positive note, we learn that emissions from the world’s power sector fell to their lowest level in three decades in 2019, amid a steep drop in the use of coal, according to a new report.

And we meet two representatives of the French NGO Run for Planet which has just launched a crowdfunding campaign aimed at replanting 15 million trees in Siberia, an area badly affected by forest fires. How will they do it? By supporting one man who will run from Nantes in western France to Vladivostok, a port in far eastern Russia, to raise money and awareness in an eco-friendly manner.

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