Paris Live, Friday 27 March 2020

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French prime minister Edouard Philippe 27 March 2020 in Paris
French prime minister Edouard Philippe 27 March 2020 in Paris © AFP

Today's Paris Live begins with an update on the situation in France, where the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has raised the alarm over an "extremely high" surge in coronavirus cases, warning the situation would be "difficult in the days to come."


Our correspondents in India, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Liberia all have updates for us on how the coronavirus is affecting their daily lives, politics and economy.

We have an interview with the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation which is calling on leaders from the world’s 20 top economies to ensure global food systems continue running during the coronavirus pandemic.

In Cameroon, the violent Anglophone separatist crisis has affected all ways of life for English-speaking Cameroonians. In a special report, we find out the difficulties they face in order to bury their loved ones far from home.

And we finish with a report on a musical project carried out by students from Luxembourg and Germany who spent one month in Dakar with two Senegalese artists to create sound installations that represent what the city means to them.





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