French lockdown

12 things French president, Emmanuel Macron, announced about the gradual lifting of lockdown

The fourth public address by French president, Emmanuel Macron, to the nation on 13 avril 2020.
The fourth public address by French president, Emmanuel Macron, to the nation on 13 avril 2020. REUTERS/Charles Platiau

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday announced he was extending a virtual lockdown to curb the coronavirus outbreak until May 11, adding that progress had been made but the battle not yet won.   


Acknowledging his country had not been sufficiently prepared early on to face the challenges posed by the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Macron said the unprecedented restrictions put in place were showing results.  

"The epidemic is starting to slow down. The results are there," Macron said in a televised address to the nation. "Thanks to your efforts, every day we have made progress."  

The speech, though, wasn’t just a discourse on the state of affairs in France. There were a number of proposals wrapped up in the 20 minute speech that was, for the large part, forward looking. Here are the 12 proposals that were contained in the speech  

  1. The ongoing lockdown will last until May 11th  
  2. Financial aid will be offered to families of modest means and to students  
  3. There will also be financial aid for businesses that are struggling to stay open  
  4. There will be a gradual opening of schools, creches, secondary schools from May 11th  
  5. Third-level institutions will not open before the summer and probaboly not until September  
  6. Even with a partial easing of restrictions on May 11th, cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels will stay closed  
  7. There will be no festivals or sporting events of any kind before mid-July  
  8. After May 11th, there  will be resources to test everyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19  
  9. Elderly people will stay in confinement after May 11th  
  10. French borders with non-European countries will stay closed until further notice  
  11. As of May 11th a protective mask will be given to every member of the public  
  12. 10,000 respirators will be made available to emergency departments  





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