France records 70 cases of Covid-19 in schools since lifting lockdown

A primary school in Poissy, France (Illustration photo)
A primary school in Poissy, France (Illustration photo) © Reuters/Pool

70 cases of Covid-19 have been reported in the 40,000 ‘maternelle’ and primary schools re-opened in France since 11 May. But this will not affect the gradual return to junior schools which resumes on Monday. 


In an interview with RTL radio, France's Education minister confirmed that several schools had been forced to close their doors since 11 May in Mayenne, Cantal, Haute-Garonne and Nice.

These closures "show that we are strict," said Blanquer, who added that these cases "occured almost every time outside of school."

70 cases of coronavirus have been detected in the 40,000 schools that have reopened since 11 May.

Blanquer assured that these cases remain a minority and they do not question the gradual reopening of schools. This Monday some students (6th and 5th grade) return to the junior highschools in the green zones.

"The consequences of not going to school are much more serious," Blanquer repeated.

In addition to the risk of dropping out of school, which already affects 500,000 primary and secondary school children, the minister spoke of "considerable psychological, food and health damage".

"About 70 per cent of pupils continue to follow distance learning courses," he added.

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