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Two Paris schools closed as precaution after coronavirus cases detected

A teacher shows his pupils how to wash their hands in a school near Paris. (Illustration photo)
A teacher shows his pupils how to wash their hands in a school near Paris. (Illustration photo) © AFP/Martin Bureau
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French authorities have closed two schools in Paris as a precautionary measure after the discovery of coronavirus cases but they have not been classed as potentially dangerous clusters.


France, unlike some other European countries which have taken a much more cautious approach, on Monday resumed obligatory schooling for all pupils after the coronavirus shutdown.

Some schools had already been open at least partially for several weeks after the initial easing of the lockdown.

But a school in the 12th district of Paris with 180 pupils has been closed until the end of the week after three cases were discovered, the local health authority told French news agency AFP.

No clusters

However the timescale of the infections -- spread over the start of June to Monday -- indicates that this is not a cluster, it added.

Another Paris school, in the 4th district and with 200 pupils, has been closed until July 7 after one case was discovered.

However the local authority said there were no other schools closed in Paris due to Covid-19 cases.

Life across France has now returned to a semblance of normality after the lockdown, albeit with many people still working from home and wearing masks on the street.

Officials are wary of a second wave but say there has been no evidence of this yet despite the relaxation measures.

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