Covid-19 in Europe

French anti-Covid app takes first step towards EU health pass

The TousAntiCovid app
The TousAntiCovid app © AFP/Damien Meyer

It is now possible to store proof of a negative Covid test result as well as vaccination status on the French TousAntiCovid mobile phone application. This comes as the European Commission prepares to roll out a health pass to facilitate travel over the summer period.


On Monday 19 April, France became the first country in Europe to adopt the electronic certification model for storing proof of antigen and PCR tests and vaccination against Covid-19, integrated into the existing TousAntiCovid phone app.

The "health pass" project has been discussed for months in France and could prepare the gradual lifting of travel restrictions and access to certain places and events.

The experiment, presented on Monday by the Secretary of State for digital transition, Cedric O, could be applied to other sectors such as concerts, festivals, and trade fairs in the future.

However, the government has ruled out its introduction in bars or restaurants for the time being.

TousAntiCovid-Carnet app

The TousAntiCovid application will make it possible to store the result of a Covid-19 test (negative or positive) in digital format and, in the long term, an official certificate of vaccination.

The experimentation of this function, named TousAntiCovid-Carnet, will be rolled out in the coming days, the government announced to the press on Sunday 18 April.

"France is now committed to testing the TousAntiCovid-Carnet function on flights to Corsica and the French overseas departments and territories," it said.

One year deadline for implementation

The tool, which has also been under discussion for several months within the European Commission, will pave the way for a complete health "passport" by the beginning of the summer.

The European Union is due to introduce by the end of June a pass designed to facilitate travel for Europeans who can prove that they have been vaccinated against Covid-19, or that they have undergone a PCR or rapid antigenic test.

The health pass could also contain, for example, a blood test to prove that immunity has been acquired, European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton said on Sunday in an interview with BFMTV.

The document will concern "everyone", including children, but will remain "voluntary", he added.

Ambassadors from the 27 member states on Wednesday set a one-year deadline for the implementation of a regulation on the health certificate prepared by the European Commission and now being negotiated with MEPs.

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