Icelandic volcanic ash cloud

Latest status of travel disruptions across Europe


Air traffic across Europe remains seriously disrupted on Monday with many passengers stranded following the release of a freak cloud of volcanic ash from an eruption in Iceland. Aviation authorities are worried about the possible effect on aircraft flying through the plume of ash and many countries have closed their airspace.The latest status of disruptions across the continent:

  • Austria: Aispace reopened at 04:00 GMT on Monday.
  • Belgium: Airspace closed until 18:00 GMT on Monday.
  • Bosnia: Airspace partially reopened from 18:00 GMT on Sunday.
  • Britain: Extended a ban on all flights in its airspace until at least 00:00 GMT on Tuesday.
  • Bulgaria: Airspace partially reopened from 11:00 GMT on Sunday.
  • Croatia: Nearly all airports reopened on Sunday.
  • Czech Republic: Airspace closed until at least 10:00 GMT on Monday.
  • Denmark: Airspace closed until Monday 12:00 GMT.
  • Estonia: Airspace closed until at least 00:00 GMT on Monday.
  • Finland: All commercial flights grounded until 15:00 GMT on Monday.
  • France: All airports north of a line between Nice and Bordeaux closed until 06:00 GMT on Tuesday.
  • Germany: Six airports reopened temporarily including Frankfurt.
  • Hungary: Airspace closed until 10:00 GMT on Monday.
  • Iceland: Airports remain open.
  • Ireland: Airspace closed until 12:00 GMT on Monday.
  • Italy: Airspace across northern Italy closed until 06:00 GMT on Monday.
  • Latvia: Airspace closed until 06:00 GMT on Monday.
  • Lithuania: Airports closed. Airspace open to aircraft not requiring navigational aid.
  • Netherlands: Airspace closed until at least 12:00 GMT on Monday.
  • Norway: Most airspace reopened.
  • Poland: Six airports including Warsaw reopened at 14:00 GMT on Sunday. Authorities warn conditions expected to worsen.
  • Romania: Airspace open for transiting flights. Airports scheduled to open Monday 09:00 GMT.
  • Russia: Airports remain open, but flights to north and west of the country cancelled.
  • Serbia and Montenegro: Airspace reopened at 18:00 GMT on Sunday.
  • Slovakia: Airspace closed.
  • Slovenia: Airspace provisionally reopened at 04:00 GMT.
  • Spain: All airports open.
  • Sweden: Some airspace open. Stockholm Arlanda airport reopened 06:00 GMT.
  • Switzerland: Commercial flights in and out of Switzerland banned until 12:00 GMT on Monday. Overflights at altitudes over 11,000 metres allowed.
  • Turkey: Airspace closed in three northern provinces.
  • Ukraine: Nearly all airports closed, including Kiev.


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